Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers about the Shiba Burn Visualizer. If you have more questions, please send them to

What is a Dead Wallet?

A wallet that no one has access to. All sent SHIBA Tokens are lost forever since no one can access these wallets.

Why are NFTs generated from the burning?

To capture this unique moment as something very special and unique and to finance the development of the project.

Why are Shiba Tokens burned?

Less Shiba Inu Tokens mean a higher token price.

The Twitch page says it's a community game

Yes, it is currently possible to throw a branch into the fire as long as no burning is taking place. This functionality will be expanded later.

Why is the burning visualized?

To better explain to the wider public how the burning process works and to give the burned values a symbolic value, such as wood or the BigCoinBag.

Do you get all the Shiba Tokens?

No, they are sent to the Dead Wallet. However, always make sure that the used Dead Wallet is correct, for example, here:

every NFT is unique ?

Yes, each burn looks different because it depends on the amount being burned and how it falls into the fire. Even multiple burns in a row can change the appearance.

What does the version mean in the NFTs?

Each major update to the burning visualization will produce a new version. This serves to differentiate and stabilize the value of these NFTs. Currently, Version 2 is live. Version 1 is completed and includes 1629 NFTs. You can set a filter yourself on Opensea.