Road map

Phase 01

  • Nov 2021 - January 2022
  • SHIBA INU burn visualization project started on Twitch
  • Performance and visual improvements made, including addition of new burnable material (branches) and GIF posts on Twitter

Nov 2021 - January 2022
January to March 2022

Phase 02

  • January to March 2022
  • Process developed to create unique NFT for each burn, to be published on OpenSea
  • WoodWorker Bot introduced in Twitch chat to report burn amounts and take commands for future interactive features

Phase 03

  • March to October 2022
  • Upgraded to a new render pipeline for better performance
  • Enabled VR support on devices like the Oculus Quest -> POC VR Demo

March to October 2022
October to May 🙂

Phase 04

  • October to May 🙂
  • Add Shiba Inu dog interactions to add more variety to the burns
  • Project publication for a wide audience
  • Community welcome
  • Bone Update

Phase 05

  • No Date
  • Community Feedback Sought for Future Direction of SHIBA INU Burn Visualizer Project 
  • Seeks Ideas for Future Development
  • Improve audio integration to achieve a significantly more harmonious sound quality for the Live Stream
No Date